DNS Work and Consultancy


We have a range of experience in protocol development and operations (primarily of TLD services).

We have been involved in the evolution of TCP as a transport service for DNS in recent years, including contributing to RFC7766 (DNS Transport over TCP – Implementation Requirements).

We have developed Hedgehog, an Open Source presenter application for DNS traffic statistics, for dns-stats.org. ICANN are now are using this as their public front-end for their L-root DNS traffic statistics.

Thanks to the generous support of a small project award from NLNet Foundation we produced an implementation of NSCP called DNSCCM (DNS Configuration, Control and Monitoring).

We have attended multiple IETF Hackathons as part of the DNS/DNSSEC/DNS Privacy team – where the team won prizes on several occasions.

We are Blue members of DNS-OARC.

DNS Privacy

We are currently involved in the DNS Privacy project which is a collaborative project with several organisations including NLnet Labs. The project is aimed at providing support for RFC7858 (DNS-over-TLS) and other related features in a range of nameserver implementations, including getdns and unbound. It is also focussing on deployment and operations issues associated with providing DNS Privacy.

DNS Security (DNSSEC)

For several years we were involved in the development and project management of OpenDNSSEC a widely used DNSSEC signing and management tool.

John Dickinson is an author of RFC7583 a detailed analysis of the timings involved when performing key rollover in DNSSEC.


We have provided consultancy services to several major Internet organisations including ICANN, ISC, Nominet, IIS and Verisign Labs.

We also provide consultancy to companies wanting to upgrade or migrate their business critical DNS infrastructure.

Personal Consultancy

John Dickinson is a member of ICANN’s Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP).

John Dickinson was a member of ICANN’s 2015 Root KSK rollover design team.

DNS Training

Sinodun gave a DNSSEC tutorial at Networkshop 42 on behalf of OpenDNSSEC.

We were also involved in the getdns tutorial given at RIPE 69.